Irish Creek Woodwork

Tom Hall, owner/operator of Irish Creek Woodwork in Glen, New York, built his first boat in 1976, L. Francis Herreshoff's un-named design #57 from 1933, a 16' kayak. This was a flat-bottomed, lap-strake boat shaped like a dory, too small for oars, that was two-thirds decked over, a heavy but fun design.  

In the early 2000's Tom was active with the East River Kayak Club, offering his woodworking shop, then located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn as a venue for a series of weekend kayak building seminars in which both adults and New York City high school students worked on and completed stitch-and-glue kayaks.

Since his move upstate Tom has focused on strip construction and designs for Adirondack guide boats; he is currently working to complete Mac McCarthy's 13' Wee Lassie by an early May delivery date. Next on his list are strip adaptations of the aforementioned design # 57 and a boat from his old home waters, a Delaware Ducker. See the blog for updates from the shop.